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RIEGL VZ-400-SMicroSurvey CAD2014

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The 3D laser scanner system RIEGL LMS-Z210ii-S is a rugged sensor especially designed for the rapid acquisition of high-quality three dimensional images for industrial applications even under high demanding environmental conditions. The RIEGL LMS-Z210ii-S provides a unique and unrivalled combination of wide field-of-view, excellent range measurement performance even at low reflecting target surfaces, high accuracy, and fast data acquisition.

The optional hard- and software accessories, like shock absorbing mount, additional heater jacket, protective hood, industrial standard HARTING connectors and a special software library, allow seamless integration of the RIEGL LMS-Z210ii-S into automated industrial data acquisition and control systems.

In order to assure uninterrupted operation and availability, a special maintenance concept is offered to keep the probability of sudden failures resulting from wear-and-tear-caused defects as low as possible.

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