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Level-Plane Evo 14
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Level-Plane Evo 14

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Platform for automatic biaxial leveling with accuracy +/-3”, for 3D Laser Scanner surveys or robotic Total Station

LPE14    Level - Plane Evo 14 
STA       Brackets for roof bars 
UC13    Control unit 
CPC      Car power cable 
BTM14  Soft bag for transport

Aluminum frame and box-anodized high load resistance and torsion.
Externally to the supporting structure of leveling and in connection with the base frame, is arranged a suitable protective cover made of synthetic material in order to preserve and protect from weather and dust the mechanical handling equip-ment. The lower fastening of such protection is realized in such a way removable to ensure immediate access and in-spection to the zone of mechanical handling and fuses placed within the boxes of the electrical components.

The upper plane and its protective cover are made of stainless steel of high quality and the central circular space has been specifically designed for the attachment of topographic bases with standard screw 5/8 ".
The platform is equipped with a push-button remote control connected by socket and removable flexible cable to the electronic control unit. The latter, located on the base frame of the equipment, provides directions and the driving mode of the platform through the LCD display.

The power of the platform is realized by a cable, connected to the platform with removable socket and, on the other ter-minal, with attack type “cigarette lighter" -12 V - 5 A.

Should anyone use an independent source of power, it is available, as an accessory, a 12 V battery housed in a rigid suitcase transport watertight and waterproof. (IP67).

The platform Level Plane Evo is equipped with , on the lower base, of predisposition for mounting on carrier bars on the roof of the vehicle.

The weight of the platform is about 10 kg and must be assembled or disassembled without any other tools.

Summary technical data

  • Leveling accuracy +/- 3”
  • Weight of the Level-Plane Evo platform 10 kg
  • Maximum permissible load 25 kg
  • External dimensions 31 mm x 400 mm x h. 300 mm
  • Distance bars 160 mm
  • Predisposition for connection to platform- instrumentation with male thread 5/8"-11
  • Operating limit maximum shooting ground slope along the longitudinal axis of the vehicle  +/- 18°
  • Operating limit maximum shooting ground slope along the perpendicular axis of the vehicle  +/- 22°
  • Temperature limit for the use of equipment - 15° C + 40° C
  • Temperature limit for the storage of equipment - 30° C + 50° C
  • Power Supply 12V 5A 60W


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