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Euclideon Vault

The complexity of handling the datasets generated by 3D laser scanning and photogrammetry has now been made simple

Euclideon Vault is a new suite of software that provides many ground-breaking features for users of Point Cloud datasets, including:

–               Manage, view and manipulate Massive Point Cloud Data

–               Secure, remote streaming of Euclideon Unlimited Detail point cloud models

–               Open access to Unlimited Detail point cloud rendering technology

–               Ability to stream Unlimited Detail models to a variety of mobile devices

–               Built-in conversion of point cloud to Unlimited Detail models

Future features will include:

–               Allow Internet of Things (IOT), GPS and other real-time feeds.

–               Time-Based versions of parts of the model – ie, new scans of parts of the model can be included, and all time/date stamps can be viewed and compared.

–               Collaboration tools with simultaneous, remote access.

–               Built-in conversion of industry standard polygon/mesh models.

The introduction of Euclideon Vault has resulted in a much more integrated and simpler user interface with much more powerful features for existing Euclideon customers and also making it much simpler for 3rd party integrators.