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The dependable lightweight, handheld scanner, take it with you wherever you go.

Create detailed floorplans and take measurements with ease

GeoSLAM Hub is a comprehensive software suite that transforms 3D point cloud data into actionable information and valuable deliverables in minutes.

A part of GeoSLAM’s complete solution, GeoSLAM Hub brings together industry-leading SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping) technology with powerful post processing functionality to deliver complete end-to-end solutions.

GeoSLAM Hub is included with hardware solutions and can also be purchased separately.

Why GeoSLAM Hub?

  • SLAM processing to generate accurate 3D pointclouds from your data
  • Import, view and interrogate data captured from all GeoSLAM devices
  • Geo-referencing of datasets to control
  • Provides survey-grade data accuracy without the surveyor
  • Quick and easy workflows with drag and drop functionality, produces results in minutes