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Aeroscout Scout B1-100

Aeroscout provides autonomously flying, industrial unmanned helicopters for aerial imagery and photogrammetry, aerial video recording, surveillance and inspection, 3D laser mapping, search & rescue, aerial scientific measurements (online/offline).

The Aeroscout Scout B1-100 UAV helicopter is our latest development of a completely autonomous, unmanned helicopter. This helicopter is equipped with an air-cooled 100ccm gasoline engine and provides a payload capacity of up to 30kg. The standard configuration includes the flight control system, redundant power electronics and batteries, an onboard electric starter, and a 10l fuel tank. This configuration allows integrating additional 18kg of a customized payload unit. The flight endurance can achieve 1.5 hours. All data given is based on flight testing and system demonstrations at approx. 500m above mean sea level (AMSL).

GENERAL The autonomous industrial unmanned helicopter Scout B1-100 has been developed for professional airborne applications such as aerial mapping, airborne broadcasting, search & rescue, surveillance and inspection as well as law enforcement.

PAYLOAD The helicopter provides a payload capacity of up to 30 kg (incl. 10 l of fuel (standard), 4 kg flight control system FCS) with an empty weight about 45 kg (MTOW 75kg, depending on flight altitude above mean sea level).

SAFETY The helicopter has been developed under severe safety policies, high engine power reserve capacities, mechanic robustness (multiple load excess), and environmental robustness against spray water.

FEATURES The Scout B1-100 provides easy transportability and maintainability through system modularity, flexible payload options, and a smooth and easy-to-start 100ccm gasoline engine.

OPERATION The helicopter can either be flown in conventional manual mode with high maneuverability or can be operated with its integrated INS/GPS automated flight control system. This flight control system allows joystick (velocity) mode as well as GPS waypoint (position) mode.

Main rotor diameter 3.2 m
Tail rotor diameter 0.65 m
Main rotor speed 860 rpm
Empty weight (no fuel, no payload) 50 kg
Gasoline engine 100 ccm
Engine power (approx.) 18 PS
Electric starter (onboard included) 16V
Fuel tank volume (standard) 2 x 5.0 l
Material of rotor blades carbon
Material of body aluminum
Engine cooling system air-cooled
Length 3.3 m
Width 1.0 m
Height (approx.) 1.3 m
Landing gear skids
  • Standard fuel tank (approx.): 10l (approx. 90min endurance)
  • Free payload capacity (approx.): 18.0 kg
Your direct benefits using the Scout B1-100 UAV helicopter are:
  • Long-term flight endurance up to 90min non-stop (500m AMSL)
  • 18kg free payload capacity
  • Autonomous take-off and landing
  • Integrated, autonomous flight control system (FCS) for automatic, assisted, or manual operation
  • Air-cooled gasoline aircraft engine with electric starter onboard, tested in hot and cold areas worldwide
  • Easy transportability and maintainability through modularity
  • Insensitive to typical wind gusts
  • Highly reliable mechanical design
  • Flexible payload options
  • High maneuverability
  • Smoothly running engine and optimal vibration isolation of the payload
  • Sealed gear boxes and electronics
  • Certificate of the Swiss Civil Aviation Authority of Switzerland (BAZL)
  • Optional differential GPS/INS integrated navigation system with centimeter accuracy